Honest Mistakes (A Celtic Rant)


An honest mistake is so simple to make –
we all do it … at best, put it right;
but an “Honest Mistake”, as fair play they forsake,
oozes rancour and venom and spite.

An honest mistake is quite easy to take –
to forgive, all misgivings assuage;
but an “Honest Mistake” makes you shudder and shake
with paroxysms of justified rage.

An honest mistake just gets lost in the wake
of the banter … good-natured debate;
but an “Honest Mistake” , like a venomous snake,
poisons minds with perceptions of hate.

An honest mistake, like a melting snowflake,
disappears in the blink of an eye;
but an “Honest Mistake” drives you mad, like toothache –
lingers on when the moment’s passed by.

An honest mistake, while it may cause heartache,
is just something that happens … it’s Fate;
but an “Honest Mistake” is so phoney, so fake –
though acknowledged … so what? … it’s too late!

Copyright 25thMay1967, January 2011


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