What Big Jock Knew


Aye, Big Jock knew, all right …
knew the anguish of ostracism
for having the temerity
to choose Celtic.

Something else he knew …
that “Honest Mistakes” don’t matter
when you’re so far ahead
they’re rendered impotent.

Another thing he knew …
that being “Celtic-Minded”
is a badge of pride,
not shame.

He also knew the media …
that the Press
is only as powerful
as you allow it to be.

Above all, he knew this …
dignity is a concept,
not a word to be

And lest we forget …
he knew the meaning of respect,
something some factions
need to learn.

He didn’t know enough
about goalkeepers, though!

Copyright 25thMay1967, January/February 2011

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