Where Do We Go From Here, Bhoys?

As we reflect on yesterday’s comprehensively satisfying performance and result – and bask in its Monday feel-good factor – we have at the same time to ask ourselves the hard question:

Is this is not a familiar position in all-too-recent history?

Too often (and most painfully) such a position of strength has been squandered, at great cost, both financial and in terms of family silverware.  In today’s high-octane world of football, where money talks, we cannot afford continually to surrender to our arch enemies the financial benefit of winning the Championship, with its passport (albeit more hazardous now than ever) to the Champions’ League coffers.

Were it not for our carelessness in that respect these past couple of seasons, we might very well be on our way now to emulating the great Maley feat of “Six-in-a-Row”.  Throw in the last-day heartache of 2004/05 and we’d already have surpassed it!

And if you want to get really picky – but for the shenanigans on the final day of 2002/03, we could be on “Ten-in-a-Row” by this stage.  I know, I know, I’m getting silly now … but I only do it to for emphasis.

On an even more fanciful note, TFOD might be reduced to competing in the Govan Sunday Pub League by now, such would have been their financial plight denied the funds handed to them on a plate through our negligence from strength – but lest we gloat too long on such a delicious prospect, never forget that similar strife and ignominy could very well cast its black shadow in our direction before too long if we persist in dropping our guard so flagrantly.

So, come on, Bhoys – don’t let us down again.

I have a warm feeling, though, that this manager and this team are made of sterner stuff!

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