Thunder (Lenny’s Pledge)


Lenny promised to bring back the thunder,
to restore something precious we’d lost.
Critics tried to imply
something sinister … why? …
– ’cos they dreaded
the thought of being bossed.

When the Celtic are focused and flying,
there’s a spark that ignites the old ground –
like the Jungle of old,
today’s stands, big and bold,
shake and rumble
with thunderclap sound.

It’s all down to the Lennon revival –
a Gael force that unites and inspires.
He’s the wind in our wings –
with him pulling the strings
and the rub of the green,
we’ll fly higher.

Vilified for just for being Neil Lennon,
he’s assaulted and slandered … death threats!
Bullets … bombs in the post –
lesser men would be toast;
but our Lenny?
– not any time yet!

So, let’s all get behind our brave leader –
let him know that, “In Lennon We Trust”.
He’s a man among men,
with a vision of when
we sit proud at the front
of the bus.

Copyright 25thMay1967, March 2011

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