Let’s give Neil something to work with.


Following this week’s stunning pre-legal victory over the SFA incompetents, Neil Lennon will be free to retake his place in the dugout against St Mirren next week.

A big “Hail! Hail!” to that.

It will be something of a hollow victory, though, if he does so with anything less than a morale-boosting victory in Inverness this lunchtime under his belt. Three points and a good performance must be the target today – strictly in that order.

So, come on, Bhoys – you know how badly we’re all hurting, so take this golden opportunity to start easing our lingering Hampden pain and set the Hoops firmly on course for the title. Don’t miss this latest chance to pile some pressure on the crumbling “institution” across the river.

In that regard, we hear this morning that their absent landlord Chairman has been at great pains to downplay his recent unguarded comments about potential insolvency, for the benefit of the Stock Exchange, of course. Now, there’s a surprise.

Methinks he doth protest too much.

In Lennon we trust!


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