Yesterday’s reports, if true, of the loss (to Chelsea!!!) of young prospect Islam Feruz, are extremely disappointing and surely beg the question … HOW COME?

The emotive circumstances surrounding the acquisition of the precocious young Somali and his apparently prodigious talent should have ensured that Celtic would, at least, reap some tangible benefit of his potential in a playing sense before he moved on to “better things”.  At which time, some considerable financial benefit could reasonably have been anticipated.

Anyone who saw the youngster play would see his huge potential and must have longed for the day he would pull on the hoops for real.

For young Feruz to be snatched from under our noses in such a manner smacks of the inherent skulduggery and opportunism of the modern game.  It is greatly to be hoped that the fiasco is not down to any degree of incompetence or lack of vigilance within the Celtic Park back-room structures.

Very sad …


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