Wee Doylie (A Celtic Man)


On the 30th Anniversary of the death of  John Doyle, a 25thMay1967 poetic tribute to a true “Celtic Man”.


Wee Doylie (A Celtic Man)

He was fearless … fiery … feisty,

never known to shirk a ruck;

wore his heart upon his sleeve

like any fan –

swapped the Jungle

for the tunnel,

as wee “Doylie” rode his luck

to play for Celtic …

live the dream – a Celtic Man!

Just like “Jinky”, his great mentor,

he was prone to lose the plot;

had his share of early baths,

as redheads can –

but his heart beat

to the rhythm

of the code his father taught …

he lived for Celtic –

lived and died a Celtic Man!

When he got his marching orders

that day “Ten Men Won the League”,

he was gutted …

thought he’d flushed it

down the pan –

John Doyle breathed and bled the Celts

in every thought, hope, word and deed –

so, it was fitting

that he died a Celtic Man!


Copyright © 25thMay1967, October 2011

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