Rays of Hope? … or just more Moonbeams?


Yesterday all the smart money was on Rangers being doomed, halfway down the slippery slope to inevitable liquidation.

Well, what a difference a day makes … allegedly.  According to the news this morning, they’re practically home and dry!  D&P apparently say Craig Whyte, hot on the heels of his official SFA ratification as an unfit and improper person to run a football club (now, there’s a shock), has no creditor status (at all, let alone preferred) … likewise, Ticketus hold no rights over forward sales of season tickets, after all … the critical redundancy-busting wages deal is in place … and buyers are queueing up to pour oodles of money in … that’ll be that, then … SORTED!  What was all the fuss about?  How could so many experts and commentators have got it all so badly wrong?

There’s even a story being touted of a provisional HMRC deal among this morning’s blizzard of apparent good news for the EE.

And here’s me thinking HMRC didn’t do walking away!

Erm, excuse me … anybody smell a rat, here?  Maybe even a whole pack of them?

We live in very strange times, my friends … very strange times, indeed.


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