See me? I’m a scept-aholic …


… in relation to matters involving our friends south of the river, that is, … a paranoid Tim, if you like … and at this precise moment, you’d very probably be right!

Trouble is, I (and a good friend of mine, who’s seldom far off the mark in such matters) have, from the outset, been of the opinion that, somehow, by hook or by crook (probably the latter), a comparatively soft landing would be engineered for the EE in their unprecedented difficulties – albeit in time added on, as the old football analogy goes.  Notwithstanding last night’s apparently devastating announcement by the SFA’s “independent” judicial panel, those totally irrational fears just keep gnawing away at me.

“Beware the eleven-and-a-half-th-hour establishment curveball,” a little voice keeps insistently whispering into my shell-like.

Which is why I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the next couple of days were to see an astonishing turn of events in this increasingly murky and farcical affair, including: some kind of fiendish, convoluted settlement between an unholy alliance of the BK’s and wee Craigie that will see him getting a lot less than he wants but a lot more than he deserves … a softly, softly approach by the SPL board, announcing that, in their opinion, sufficient sanctions have already been imposed and further smoothing the re-entry path for any Newco that may yet emerge … and most crucially, a u-turn by the SFA “independent” panel, upholding, at least partially, the inevitable appeal against last night’s transfer ban, perhaps reducing the period to just a couple of months.
The night, they say, is darkest before the dawn – and night’s don’t get much darker for a football club than this one seems for the unmentionables.
It would then remain to be seen how creditors, in particular HMRC, would react, inevitably coming under enormous pressure to give ground and offer some sort of wriggle room, rather than simply slamming the door in the faces of all those fine, upstanding people … battling … allegedly … “for the good of Scottish football.”
As ever in such delicate matters, I hope I’m hopelessly wrong – but just see if I’m not right … God forbid!


(The Devil’s Advocate)

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