Celtic “Special”? Aye, VERY … but not how McCoist means!


Yes, for me and millions like me, Celtic are most definitely “Special”.

However, NOT in the arrogant sense the “Cheeky Chappie” means in his recent petulant outburst in the tabloid press … NOT to the extent of being less subject to the rules and regulations of the game than fellow members.  NOT to the extent that, simply by dint of who they are, they can drive a coach and horses through legal and moral norms, totally oblivious to the harm and chaos it might cause to and for others.

What gives the Rangers (IA) manager the right to make such a self-serving pronouncement on behalf of Celtic, who have nothing whatsoever to do with the dire predicament in which his club finds itself?  Let him restrict himself to speaking whereof his authority lies.

You see, THAT’S the problem in a nutshell.  THAT’S exactly the attitude that has reduced his club to the shambolic state it is in today.  THAT’S exactly why backbone and resolve is needed now, more than ever before, in Scottish football, in the interests of creating a truly level playing field for all, irrespective of their respective strength … or weakness.

I fervently hope the powers that be at Celtic Park are not going to stand idly by on this glaring issue, having such unacceptable words put into their mouths and published with impunity.

Over to you, Mr Lawwell!


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