Paper the Walls, Lenny … !!!


IF ANY extra motivation is needed in the wake of last night’s exhilarating win over the excellent but sometimes nasty Spartak Moscow, to qualify for the business end of the Champions’ League, Neil Lennon could do worse than paper the Parkhead dressing room with copies of the acerbic, condescending, disrespectful, ill-informed article penned overnight by one Brian Canever on the Bleacher Report website.

Beginning with slightly offhand congratulations, Mr C soon gets into his disdainful stride with his paragraph two reference to our miracle-seeking, “underwhelming club”, no less;  soon following up with the scathing, ignorant (of the facts, that is) verdict that our SPL 2011/12 success “came largely as a result of (Rangers’) financial implosion”.  Absolutely nothing at all to do with an astonishing points turnaround of epic proportions, of course!

Not satisfied with his hatchet job up to that point, the bold Brian scornfully puts the boot in again with a quick one-two about Celtic’s “mediocre squad”, which amounts, he opines, to no more than “a team with little depth”, whose only slim chance of further progression in the tournament lies in drawing the weakest of the remaining available opposition.

What a plonker!

Now, don’t get me wrong … like the  vast majority of Celtic supporters, I know our heroes have been punching a bit above their weight thus far in the continent’s and arguably the world’s stiffest club competition.  But a little knowledgeable respect and due credit would not go amiss.

I look forward to checking out Canever’s take on things if Lenny’s Lions confound him and the many other grudging critics lurking in the wings, by flying the hooped flag higher and further still into Europe in the New Year.

In the meantime, Neil, start mixing the wallpaper paste.

C’mon the Hoops!!!


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