The Pen is Mighty …

SO … at the stroke of his enobled pen, Lord Nimmo Smith, seriously constrained, it has to be said, by the contentious evidence presented to his commission by a pivotal SFA witness, has stood the registration rules that have governed Scottish football for as long as I can remember (and probably a lot longer than that) on their head.  Quite what the many unfortunate victims of those rules, in all their sometimes savage stringency and / or pettiness, must be making of it all today, doesn’t bear thinking about.

It would appear to be, that all that is, or was, required for “eligibility” to plunder the fruits of our leagues and cups, is, or was, for a player simply to be registered – irrespective of whether, or not, he is, or was, “properly” registered within the spirit of the rules and stipulations of the governing body(ies) in force at the time being.

Truly … today … either the law really is an ass, or the rules of our national sport have (and have never had) hee-haw to do with natural justice – or both.

I know what I think …


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