Where there’s muck, there’s brass.


Brasso_Polish_4daae31e3f77eACTUALLY, make that Brasso!

I hear an enterprising Sevco match-day trader was doing brisk business in “Not Guilty” scarves outside the Big Hoose in Govan on Saturday.  10/10 for enterprise – but he passed up a glorious opportunity for a tidy wee sideline in the vintage metal polish to buff up any neck that would wear a muffler bearing such a wildly inaccurate slogan.

The mystifying Nimmo Smith ruling last week triggered an orchestrated, predictable and totally disingenuous campaign to portray the events of the past year or so as little more than a wasteful, unwarranted campaign to slur the dignity and honour of a Scottish national institution and treasure.

One seriously deluded media commentator even went so far as to launch a particularly hysterical demand for heaven and earth to be moved to ensure the reinstatement of “The Rangers” to the top table of Scottish football by the start of next season.

Just think about that for a minute … back into the SPL (whether they, themselves, want to be there, or not, by the way!) in time for the start of next season.   As if they’d been doubly wronged – and totally exonerated by the successive inquiries into a decade or more of the questionable operation of EBT’s and the inseparable issue of improper registrations … but they weren’t, Craig … were they?

Lest we forget, the contentious EBT majority judgement currently stands under appeal; and notwithstanding the logic … impeccable or unfathomable, depending upon your particular point of view … of the bottom line of Lord Nimmo Smith’s judgement on player registration, a reasonable person might conclude that the degree of declared guilt over the closely interconnected strategies is hardly reflected by the present state of play in terms of punishment (as opposed to the routine consequences of administration and liquidation).

Let’s get real, here … surely somebody, somewhere has the will, the influence and the determination to unravel and roll back this farrago of blatant contractual sharp practice and persistent, flagrant rule-breaking through deliberate non-disclosure?

If not, the sole outcome of the whole squalid, so-called “Rangers affair”, will be a mocking travesty of natural justice.


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