Thoughts for the day …

  • THE recent deafening silence down Slybrox way suggests that either: 1) the roof is about to blow off the Big Hoose; 2) the director of communications is out to an extended lunch; 3) the latest convoluted Sevco survival conspiracy is remorselessly incubating … or, 4) all of the above.
  • Jon Daly says his impending move to (The) Rangers is a no-brainer … it may well be – but if you think about it, that hackneyed stock phrase is wide open to alternative interpretation.
  • On the 60th Anniversary of the Coronation Cup Final, our eyes turn to next Sunday, when the original standard bearers for Irish-community-driven football in Scotland and its true, historically-continuous Champions lock horns anew … and the Hampden slopes will again be, “covered in banners o’ green”.

images (1)

Tooraloo … tooraloo … and all that.

C’mon the Hoops!


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