Celtic’s Cheeky Chappie


Charlie Tully passed away on this day in 1971. Here is our tribute to Celtic’s Cheeky Chappie.


Bold Charles Patrick breezed
across the sea from Ireland;
and the Belfast Bhoyo quickly shot to fame.
Roasting Rangers catapulted him to stardom –
everywhere you looked was
“Cheeky Charlie’s” name.

Tully cocktails, Tully ties and Tully ice cream;
Tully craic that made you laugh
till you were sore.
Tully’s antics were the very stuff of legend –
that’s why Tully’s so revered
in Celtic lore.

He was on the wing that sunny
day at Hampden,
when with ‘7’ strikes we blew the ’Gers away.
Tully picked the lock to open up the floodgates –
sure, their goalposts gaped as wide
as Galway Bay.

Charlie travelled with the punters
down to Lisbon;
watched the Celtic win in style without his tricks.
Some wag queried whether he’d’ve made the Lions –
Charlie quipped,
“I could’a took the corner kicks!”

Called too soon, he brought his
hometown to a standstill,
just like Battles and John Thomson
way back when.
Jock and Billy bore his casket for the Celtic –
just deserts for all the times
he carried them!

Copyright © 25thMay1967


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