‘The Sorcerer’ (an Anniversary reflection) …


Lubo126 YEARS ago today, the fateful meeting that launched our great club was convened. To mark the occasion, we reflect, in traditional 25thMay1967 style, on one of the greatest talents ever to grace the hoops:

The Sorcerer

Diminutive, he stalked his prey;

but oh! when he began to play,

a giant of immense technique …

sharp football brain,

two cultured feet.


At interview, while World POTY,

a classic quote from the great ‘ZeeZee’

caused brows to raise

and foreheads crease …

tsunami of sheer disbelief.

Although he’d faced and graced the best

with club and land on his glory quest,

when pressed on who he rated most,

he named a little Slovak ghost,

who’d fired him with his craft and guile,

as, in France, their paths criss-crossed a while.


A view endorsed by our King of Kings’

(magnificent … blest … borne on wings),

who did us with his class regale

and ranked this Bhoy high on the scale

of those by whom he’d been impressed,

as greatness he himself accessed.


When Doc Jo signed him for the Hoops,

detractors mocked … laughed, hollered, whooped.

Resounding their derisive jeers …

but soon the taunting


Our sorcerer pure magic wove –

his legacy, a treasure trove

of golden mem’ries, heaven-sent,

too soon consigned

to sentiment.


No more he prowls the hallowed turf.

Rejoice! who saw him strut his stuff.

Gifts seldom seen, a talent rare …

wee Lubo – class beyond compare!


Copyright © 25thMay1967 November 2013


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