Mandela Day …


Mandela DayAS the world reacts to the death last night of Nelson Mandela, the response is overwhelmingly, though not exclusively, positive. Inevitably so.

As a small part of the worldwide Celtic movement that instinctively stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the oppressed, we at 25thMay1967 today offer our take on a man and his mission, which remains a work-in-progress:

R.I.P. Madiba.

Mandela Day

Mandela Day broke bright and clear

as hope’s eternal spring:

repression year on bloody year

brute chains unravelling.

Mandela Day burned hot and long

by Victor Verster gate:

the designated hour would pass

and still the world would wait.

Mandela Day, unbridled joy –

the moment of release:

gaunt, ageing, melancholic man –

proud catalyst of peace.

Mandela Day hung heavy with

bold democratic themes:

but on the fringes anarchy

was menacing the dream.

Mandela Day stripped legend down

to mortal flesh and blood:

for legend is a trickle

but reality a flood.

Mandela Day can never dawn

’til cruel apartheid wanes

and parity of human blood

equates all racial strains.

                           February 1990


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