THE CELTIC WAYTODAY, club legend, Billy McNeill cut the ribbon to officially open “The Celtic Way”, the magnificent new ‘Walkway to Paradise’ between London Road and the main entrance to Celtic Park. To mark the historic occasion, we publish our poem of the same name, based on Celtic’s proud tradition encapsulated in that immortal phrase.

Hail! Hail! The Celts are here!

The Celtic Way

The concept of the Glasgow Celtic Way

is more than some vague notion … urban myth.

It’s ethos, culture, faith … it’s in our genes –

a legacy that we are all blessed with.


It’s based upon our values and our roots,

the things that make us who and what we are;

and any kindred spirit … any, mind …

is welcome, we embrace them – there’s no bar.


It’s more than just the football … though that, too –

a kind of way of life, a moral code

that touches on the dignity of Man

respect for one another, friend or foe.


Throughout The Celtic Story, let’s be clear

that, while there’s no denying whence we sprung,

our door was always open, wide and free –

a principle to which we’ve always clung.


It’s more than just lip service, too … much more,

embodied by our icons and their creed –

by Maley, enigmatic Celt supreme

and Stein … scorned … ostracised – but thereby freed.


But now and then, there’s one who, more than most

epitomises what these words portray –

Neil Lennon, say … no saint … just one who strives

to live his life the Glasgow Celtic Way.


Inspired by such example, we face down

detractors who would tarnish our good name –

who tar us with the random bigot brush

and broadcast loud the propaganda game.


Copyright 25thMay1967


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