Lisbon Lions Tribute

Jock, Billy & EamonTONIGHT the Champions’ League Final takes place in Lisbon, the first time the world’s premier club competition will have climaxed in the Portuguese capital since Celtic made unrepeatable history in that great city 47 years ago, when the event was still in its purest form as The European Club Champions’ Cup

What wonderful memories will flood the minds of the surviving Lisbon Lions as they spectate on two old adversaries, recollection of whom triggers many contrasting emotions – but that was then and this is now. Old affections and/or enmities will be set aside in the thrill of the moment; and our ageing legends will doubtless wallow in deep nostalgia and poignant thoughts of absent friends.

No-one deserves their moment more! 

The following, first published a couple of years ago to mark the 45th Anniversary of what is arguably our dear club’s greatest-ever achievement, is our tribute to an incomparable group of epic Celts:

Our Lisbon Lions

Our Lisbon Lions – resplendent … preened,

emerged, emboldened for the fray;
decked out in most distinctive garb:
alternate hoops of white and green.
The mission clear – confront the foe;
put anti-football to the sword;
by total, joyous running free,
lay sterile Catenaccio low.
Our Lisbon Lions, so bold, so brash,
absorbed a cruel early blow;
unleashed a football tsunami –
Herrera’s primadonnas smashed.
Most with us still, less Jock and three:
wee ‘Jinky’, Murdoch … ‘Faither’, too.
Our Lisbon Lions we hail today:
immortalised eternally.

Johnbhoy (Copyright © 25thMay1967)

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