Reproduced from an original sketch by Alexander Seton Bain (Rutherglen)

THE NUMBER ‘7’ is iconic in Celtic folklore, invoking glorious memories of Jinky and Henke – today, the number ’77’ is equally prestigious, this being the 77th birthday of one of our most famous sons, the irrepressible “Ten-Thirty” … Wee Bertie (Auld), undisputed ringleader of our immortal Lisbon Lions.

Not only back in the day … but STILL, right up to the present, as anyone who has ever attended one of The Lions’ personal appearances will readily testify.

In tribute, we present a slightly revised version of our poetic accolade to Bertie, which first featured on this blog some three years ago:

Ten-Thirty (An Accolade)

The shuffling gait, the cheeky grin;

the hitched-up shorts, the jutting chin;

the faithful drooled o’er every flick –

he really made the Celtic tick.

The iron will, the nerves of steel;

the bottle to face down the De’il;

with cunning ploy and subtle trick,

he really made the Celtic tick.

The speed of thought, the craft, the guile;

the temperament so volatile;

creative … gallus … cocky … slick –

he really made the Celtic tick.

The jaunty step, the jesting clown;

a cool head when the chips were down;

no easy touch, to vengeance quick –

he really made the Celtic tick.

The hot young head, the acid tongue;

the Chairman’s wrath … consigned to Brum;

then at the ball a second kick –

Wee Bertie made the Celtic tick!

Copyright 25th May 1967


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