Billy “Caesar … sorry, Cesar” McNeill – A Man For All Seasons

WELL, not sorry at all, actually – albeit ‘Cesar’ is historically correct, it seems to me altogether more appropriate to align the Lisbon Lions figurehead with an all-conquering Roman Emperor than a bit-part, Hollywood Rat Pack chauffeur:


First among equals,

for class unsurpassed;

the true stuff of legend,

in sculpt bronze now cast.

Caesar Statue


A man for all seasons –

no more can we ask

than, when leadership beckoned,

he rose to the task;

Caesar Hampden 1969

like he leapt, as if sprung,

on occasion untold,

to repel the invader,

or glory unfold.


From the deep vaults of recall,

vignettes tumble out:

Caesar v The Pars

Vojvodina … Dunfermline

… that ’69 rout!


At the helm, resolute,

headstrong, steadfast, unbowed –

in the crucible heat,

bhoy, did he do us proud!


Oh! savour yon rapturous

image sublime


on the ramparts in Lisbon,

enshrined for all time –

ne’er before … likewise since

in our saga, oft bleak,

did the beacon burn brighter,

soar higher the peak.


Through the field of our dreams

“Caesar” cut a great swathe –

by his deeds be he known …

in his legacy bathe.

Copyright © 25thMay1967, December 2015

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