A Totally Unbiased, Impartial Cup Semi Assessment


OKAY … so the title’s not exactly 100% accurate; but any genuinely impartial observer / commentator would undoubtedly agree with most, if not all, of what follows:

  • Celtic totally annihilated Sevco “Rangers” at Hampden yesterday.
  • Any vestige of comparison between the two clubs evaporated in the space of those 90+ minutes.
  • Andy Halliday should’ve been frogmarched straight to court on a charge of criminal assault for his ferocious, unprovoked early attack on Patrick Roberts. (On the plus side, Collum’s cowardly yellow card should guarantee Scott Brown’s acquittal at his forthcoming SFA appeal hearing.)

Halliday Assault on Roberts

  • The first goal was a thing of  consummate beauty.
  • In the wake of his own well-earned yellow, Myles-out-of-his-depth Beerman was given indefensible latitude by the MIBs to continue what was a transparent campaign of intimidation – he, too, should’ve been history before half-time.
  • Were it not for the seemingly interminable delay in subbing Moussa (what was that all about, btw?), which allowed the besieged light blues a measure of relief from the sustained green-and-white onslaught up to that point, the first-half possession stats would have reached an unprecedented level.
  • 1-0 at half-time was a total travesty.
  • Leigh Griffiths does NOT endorse James Tavernier’s ludicrous claim that it was never a penalty. Nice try at ‘deflection’, though, Tav! I’m not talking here about the ball, which he never got anywhere near. Just shut up and be glad of the officials’ combined disregard for the appropriate course of action for having denied a clear goal-scoring opportunity … which should’ve seen them reduced to 8 remaining combatants (word carefully chosen) by that time.
  • Had Celtic not inexplicably dropped a couple of gears after going 2-0 up, allowing them a couple of sniffs thereafter; and had the MIBs (who did their best throughout, by default, to … none-too-subtly … influence events) stuck to properly applying the rules of the game, we would simply have cruised over the line.
  • Next month’s final will be contested by the two best squads in the country – hear that, brother Pedro?
  • In Brendan we trust …



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