STEWART REGAN is today claiming that only Celtic are concerned enough about Scottish football governance issues over the past six years to want an official independent review of those issues, which are now well, truly and … latterly … publicly documented. If that is true, the inescapable conclusion is that all those other clubs that are UNCONCERNED at the extraordinary events surrounding such issues as UEFA licensing, player registration, tax avoidance (at the very least), DOS, EBT, potential collusion and cover-up … etc, etc … must be enjoying the standard of governance their lack of concern deserves.

If so, hell mend them!

If Celtic really IS the only Scottish club that is prepared to confront such abominations within our national sport, then strength to its elbow. Somebody has to. It is greatly to be hoped that Peter Lawwell and his fellow directors at Celtic Park have the steel, determination and courage of their convictions to stick to their guns and see this tawdry affair through to the bitter end … on their own behalf, ours (Celtic supporters and those of several other Scottish clubs, that is) and that of any of those other clubs that either, genuinely don’t care, or lack the moral fibre to join in the battle.

Yes, on their behalf, too!

I, for one, though, am simply not buying into this SFA line of defence and deflection … this outrageous, bare-faced attempt to turn a wide-ranging furore within Scottish football into a narrow-minded campaign of persecution by one club of another.

It never has been and is not that.

It is simply unthinkable that, across this football-daft land, only one club has found anything worthy of review in the way the plethora of controversial governance issues within Scottish football since 2011 have been administered.

Nor should it be too difficult to rebut Regan’s claim.

Was Neil Doncaster, in his official capacity as chief executive of the SPFL, not speaking on behalf of his member clubs when he wrote inviting the SFA to participate in a review? Does that alone not beg the question? Does Regan seriously expect us to believe that the CEO of the SPFL took it upon himself to issue his “independent review” invitation off his own bat, without taking his members’ views into account?

I think not.

Hopefully, the coming days will see some other(s) step forward to display the ‘Turnbull Hutton spirit’ and get in line with Celtic by throwing Regan’s ludicrous claim back in his face. Those in power within Scottish clubs would do well at this pivotal moment to consider the old adage that all that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.

Let them reflect on that and act accordingly.

If not, we might as well all take up bowls!


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