CALL ME faint-hearted if you like … but I have been aghast since the release of the SPFL post-split fixture list, at the alleged calls by some of a Celtic persuasion for the Hoops to drop points against Hibs at Easter Road, in order to set up a 7-I-A-R-clinching opportunity against TFOD.

Quite apart from the sheer disloyalty of wishing ill upon our cherished club in any shape or form, have these people no sense of history?  Or of the glorious unpredictability of this beautiful game of ours?

Have they forgotten the monumental post-turn-of-the-year collapse that befell the Bhoys when they were chasing an unprecedented 10-I-A-R in that acrimonious season of 1974/75, only to lose five of their last eight games and slip down to a distant third in the final table?


They say lightning never strikes the same place twice – but I, for one, have no desire to tempt Fate on that front.  The sooner we can get this title nailed down and turn our attention to the not-so-small matter of back-to-back Trebles,  the better I’ll like it.  That is, assuming we have already put Sevco to the sword in the now imminent Scottish Cup semi.

So let’s have no more of that crazy talk of hoping to drop points … wherever, or whenever.  There’s a title at stake here; and hoping for dropped points in the run-in is NOT the way to go!

Time enough for schadenfreude when the dust has settled – hopefully with that unprecedented “Double Treble” as the icing on the cake.



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