Oh, Ghord …

Disappointing to read Gordon Strachan’s dismissive press comments on the question of establishment bias against Celtic, “Dallas-gate” etc.  Of course, our former manager is entitled to his opinion, even if it is seriously at odds with much of mainstream Celtic thinking, not to mention the overwhelming majority of fans (paranoia notwithstanding) and the ever-growing mountain of clear and present evidence that he is sadly mistaken.

However, if he couldn’t, in all conscience, bring himself to align with his old club and its fans over these explosively sensitive issues, then at least he could have had the good grace to keep his own counsel, rather than give succour to our salivating detractors.  After all, the so-called “laptop loyal” are more than capable of setting their sights squarely on Celtic and the Celtic-minded, without the benefit of such gift-wrapped ammunition, supplied by a recent club figurehead.  I was going to say “icon” – but maybe that’s over-egging the pudding a bit, though there were those, not so long ago, who were ready and willing to anoint WGS as a latter-day Celtic legend … a campaign not promoted by yours truly, though I was and still am, a great admirer of the wee man.

Unless taken out of context, or just plain misrepresented, which seems unlikely, given the sensationalist presentation of the features and his signal failure to demand retractions or corrections, under pain of imminent litigation, then it is a most unwelcome and highly unhelpful contribution to a controversy that may have a ways yet to run.

To wit, for starters, the ongoing matter of the botched SFA handling of the Neil Lennon appeal.

Perish the thought that, to some degree,  Gordon’s outpourings might be a spiteful backlash against the torrent of vitriol he, himself, had to endure, at times, from some sections within the Celtic ranks – in my opinion very unfairly.

More likely, he is just giving vent to his honest views and convictions on the subjects in question, however off-the-wall or disagreeable many of us may find them.  Perhaps, by dint of his social and football philosophy, background and upbringing, which did not see him steeped in all things Celtic from the cradle, he is simply not paranoid enough to realize they really are out to get us!

Whatever the case may be, it is greatly to be hoped that there is not too much more of the same in the pipeline … though, it ain’t over yet, we hear.

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