The Mighty Atom – A Celtic Homage

Of all the names that linger in the mind,
of all the epic feats that still reverb
around the Celtic pantheon of greats
and legends true,
there’s surely none surpasses
“Patsy”, who
can never die.

The cloak of immortality’s reserved
for only that elite selected few,
so deeply etched into the hearts of those
they leave behind,
their memory can never
be consigned
to history.

Enshrined within that hallowed litany
is one who, though of stature slight and frail,
lit up a brutal era, carved his niche
and shot to fame,
fulfilled his destiny, thus
earned acclaim,
as was his due.

Through anecdote, like minstrelsy of yore,
his mighty deeds resound, they echo still
and “Patsy”, though no longer in our midst,
is with us yet,
an icon, cast in lore, lest
we forget –
an all-time Great!

Copyright 25thMay1967, February 2011


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