“It’s no fair!” Just doesn’t Cut It Any More


According to recent media reporting, Rangers are RAGING that UEFA have had the temerity to *pro-actively and covertly investigate mounting suspicions about the odious behaviour of sections of their travelling support in Europe (*or, underhandedly, depending on your particular point of view).

How dare they … UEFA, that is?

So what if those in question are guilty as sin?  That’s as may be.  Those devious bureaucrats have no business exposing it by stealth, far less threatening harsh punishment.

To be honest, I have a certain sympathy for any club that is being held hostage to fortune by defiant, renegade followers they just can’t rein in, try as they might.  When all is said and done, there but for the grace of God and an overwhelmingly laudable club ethos, culture and tradition go we.

However, that sympathy isn’t boundless – and when a club seems publicly more interested in complaining about investigative tactics and accountability than in roundly condemning thuggish behaviour and confronting it head on, it evaporates completely.

So, come on, Rangers.  Truth is, you’re starting to reap the harvest of decades of tacit national complicity and condonement, which has been aided and abetted by compliant media and reluctant legislative authorities and that has been brought to a head by the ever more widespread refusal of a wider international constituency to tolerate blind, prejudiced intolerance, sectarianism and thuggery.

If you genuinely want to put all this behind you, the only way you can halt the runaway train of retribution is to stop the whingeing; to openly, utterly and unequivocally condemn the morons who are dragging you into the gutter; and to start taking conspicuous, pro-active steps to stamp it out.

No more shilly-shallying.  No more half measures.  No more weasel words of of disapproval and unacceptability.  They no longer cut it beyond the insular borders of this blighted little country of ours.

Over to you, Mr B!


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