Bobogate … or Boobgate? (Don’t Shoot-Ourselves-in-the-Footgate!)


If confirmed, the currently alleged SFA/Bobo Balde email affair will be more toxic than the combined fallout from Chernobyl and Fukushima.  If it proves to be factual, it will be an own-goal so spectacular it might make Dougiegate and Dallasgate seem like minor indiscretions.

The issue and the personnel allegedly involved, for whom it would surely be career-ending, if confirmed, could make it arguably the most explosive SFA-related incident in history – documentary evidence of naked prejudice against a member club.


Mind you, when you think of the likes of the infamous Cox/Tully affair, the spiteful “Flag Flutter” confrontation, the Jorge Cadete registration debacle and the more recent controversies highlighted above (has anyone spotted a historical trend, here?), it would not go unrivalled in notoriety.

In these days of photoshopping, cut-and-pasting, smoke, mirrors and litigation, though, you have to be very careful what you believe … and even more careful who you accuse.

Of one thing there can be no doubt, though.  Given the very public warnings that are flying around about a police crackdown on sectarian chanting (and the clear, if challenge-able, guidelines as to the banned list), all of Timdom must be on high alert for the fast-approaching Easter Sunday SPL showdown.

So, be warned.  The intent is abundantly clear.  This promised crackdown is NOT exclusively focussed on the principle offenders – oh, no … far from it.

Therefore, whatever your views on the appropriateness of any particular song, chant, or fragment thereof, let’s not give them any excuse for the kind of “even-handed” implementation of their hard-line policy they will, most certainly, be seeking.

Our songbook is bursting at the seams with rousing, emotional, imaginative, inspirational … and totally-inoffensive … material.  Use it … and abandon the opposition utterly to the potential rigours of this much-vaunted anti-sectarian initiative.  It’s implementation would then be interesting.

“Hail! Hail! … the Celts are here!”


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