A Day for Heroes


Today marks the third anniversary of the death of Tommy Burns, Calton bhoy, iconic Celtic hero and erstwhile player and manager of Kilmarnock Football Club.

How fitting it would be if today’s representatives of his former clubs were to honour his memory by way of performances that deliver the League title that so tantalisingly eluded the exhilarating Celtic side Tommy crafted and led back in the 1990’s.

A desperate flight of fancy?  Perhaps – but ours is a club built on such fanciful aspiration; a club that has tilted at the repressive establishment windmills of Scottish football for going on 123 years; a club steeped in tradition, legend and faith in the greater good.

Today is a day to believe in the unlikely, embrace it joyfully should it come to pass, or collectively bear the unpalatable alternative with good grace and unflinching faith in a better future.


Hail! Hail!


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