A bit off topic, I know (nothing to do with Paul McStay!) – but on the day of the funeral of an all-time golfing great, 25thMay1967 wanted to pay tribute to his memory and legacy.

R.I.P. Severiano Ballesteros.

(A 25thMay1967 Homage)

Flair … charisma …
courage … skill …
unquenchable desire.
Self-taught genius,
heaven-sent –
a generation’s fire.

Inspiration …
passion … zeal …
Quixotic cavalier.
Precociously he
blazed the trail –
a template for his peers.

Imagination …
vision … guts …
indomitable soul.
Trustee of a
zillion dreams –
none fitter for the role.


Copyright © 25thMay1967, May 2011

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