MacGiollaBhain’s Travails … Hail! Hail! to the Sultan of Scoop


In the wake of Phil Mac Giolla Bhain’s latest scoop over the intriguing Gordon Smith appointment (typically unattributed within media circles, of course), 25thMay1967 belatedly salutes his dogged campaign last season to expose the rotting underbelly of Scottish football.

Whether by sheer coincidence, or something else, that campaign indirectly heralded a subsequent revolution within the hidebound corridors of power of our national game.  How far-reaching and effective that upheaval proves to be remains to be seen.  We (and no doubt, the remarkably well-contacted Phil) will be watching with bated breath and no little interest.

With apologies to Jonathan Swift …

MacGiollaBhain’s Travails

The man whose name they dare not speak, spake out;

and having spoke, spake more … and loud … and long.

He spake of things they dared not contemplate:

evading tax … mistakes … a proscribed song.

In any other land, they’d be fair game;

but in the realm of small minds, hardened hearts,

such matters are taboo to such of those

as harbour fixed mindsets and carry cards.

The more he spake, the more they set their face

against the very stuff of drink and meat

to those that would the impartial word profess –

as long as it doth not their ends defeat.

Uncomfortable truths, disturbing facts

may not appear in print, however fine,

lest they derail the rolling gravy train

that succulent lamb bears … and fine red wine.

Snuff out those tiresome wails, the strident cry –

ignore him … isolate him … mock his stance.

The Lilliputian legions turned away –

but broader minds were looking on askance.

Whereof the old back seat mentality,

so long the scourge of those that bore the brunt,

began to wane, relenting in the face

of new demands for seating at the front.

A double whammy brought things to a head –

the abscess burst, the pus spewed far and wide:

a hyphenated cry that ne’er broke breath,

an ill-judged jibe propelled from deep inside

those thitherto impenetrable walls,

so loyally guarded by old moral snails,

staunch guardians of established status quo –

what triggered bold MacGiollaBhain’s travails.

Copyright © 25thMay1967, 2011

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