World Without Them … (… Amen!)

How on Earth could we manage without them?
Say, one morning we were to awake
to a world without trace
of a nation’s disgrace –
would you choke on your breakfast cornflakes?

How on Earth could we cope in their absence?
Could a peepil-free set-up survive?
Though the scaremongers boom …
lurid prophets of doom –
it’s a fair bet it might even thrive!

How on Earth could life go on if they went?
Institutional chaos foretold …
aye, well, maybe for some:
postcode, G51 –
but for many, the prospect’s pure gold!

Where on Earth would we be sans the ragers?
Would the planet just cease to revolve?
Would the whole world go bust,
like some scam that’s been sussed?
That’s a poser we may have to solve!

Why on Earth should we care about that lot?
If they could, they’d’ve danced on our grave.
But for Fergus, back when,
we’d be toast – and what then?
No crusade for the ‘Tims’ to be saved!

What on Earth would it be like without them?
Armageddon? … a football earthquake?
Or a shot in the arm
that does more good than harm?
It’s a chance some are willing to take!

World without them. Amen.

Copyright © 25thMay1967, February 2012

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