Well, Wha’d Ya Know!

Surprise, Surprise!

Seems “Wee Eck” and “Lord Snooty” are both backing the Gers, each clearly in pursuit of his own short-term political agenda; each blatantly hoping to drum up loyal support in the forthcoming Independence referendum.

You couldn’t make it up.  Not even in the the comics.

Never mind natural justice!  What does it matter that their mutual stance might be driving a coach and horses through the law of the land?  So what if it smacks of one law for those and such as those and another for them as don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things?

This thing is getting dirtier and murkier by the minute – who’d be top dog at HMRC these days, with the pressure he or she will inevitably be coming under?

Why don’t they just do the right thing, stop playing politics, let the law take its course and see where it leads us?

But that would be too simple … and might not produce the outcome the establishment wants – and that would never do!


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