PMB … QC … RIP (Our Tribute to the late Paul McBride, QC)


A few respectful words on the passing of a good friend … a good friend to Celtic … to the Celtic manager … and to all the Celtic-minded.


“PMB … QC … RIP”

(A Tribute to Paul McBride)

Forthright; fearless; peerless …

no back seat for him –

and none for us.

Flamboyant boldness …

steadfast under fire –

cool, calm, no fuss.

Unfazed; remorseless …

intellect supreme –

a man you’d trust.

Stout friend; feared foe …

no caped sub on the bench –

go on we must.

Our voice; his choice …

The Law undone –

a force of nature hushed.

So, laud; applaud …

but be he not in vain –

move up the bus!

Copyright © 25thMay1967, March 2012


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