“Amo” & “Dodgy Dave’s” Blue-tinted Perspectives


I read with a certain degree of interest and no little amusement, the respective press effusions of Lorenzo Amoruso and Dave King in respect of the current travails of RFC (In Administration).

“Amo” defiantly trumpets that NO-ONE will be stripping HIM of his hard-earned spoils from his time in Govan.  They were, he bellows, the product of his and his cohort of mercenary team-mates’ blood, sweat and tears on football fields across Scotland and beyond, achieved by no means other than being “simply the best”; and nothing can change that, according to the characteristically hyper-emotional Italian former Rangers captain.

That’s all very well, Lorenzo.  Aside from a few side issues some might hotly contest with you but which are not directly material here, no-one is disputing that, strictly in terms of events on the ground, the titles and trophies to which you refer were, indeed, hard-fought and “won”.

However, that totally, blatantly and spectacularly misses the point!

The point being that (if current financial and procedural allegations prove to be correct, of course) a fair few of the successive squads that “won” the silverware and bunting in question should never have been assembled in the first place, as they were unaffordable; and even when they were, they would have been ineligible by dint of wrongful registration.

Some might describe it as financial doping, creative accountancy, diversionary contracting, selective registration, or other such euphemisms – others might just call it plain cheating.

Which, Signor Amoruso, would mean that anything they “won”, was “won” illegally, for which there are ample precedents to suggest that they may, indeed, find themselves stripped of their ill-gotten gains.

So, perhaps a little more humility and introspection might be in order, at least pending the outcome of the various inquiries that have been announced in recent days.

Turning (very briefly) to the Dave King statement – I really have nothing to say that hasn’t already been said about Mr K and his views; and said much more forcefully than I could, by much greater powers and authorities than me.

However, one sentence (reproduced below) of his long, rambling statement sent a particular shiver of apprehension down my spine in relation to possible events, going forward:

“Paul (Paul Murray, that is) is a very smart businessman of undoubted integrity and a man who holds all that is sacred and traditional at Rangers football club very close to his heart. He is exactly the type of man the club needs at this time.”

Make of that what you will.


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