Fudge? I love it – but …


… NOT the flavour presently being cooked up over at the SPL, which stinks to high heaven.

Anyone with half a brain can work out that yesterday’s failure to conclude the business of the day, allied to the subsequent gobbledegook spouted in all directions by Neil Doncaster, is a fairly blatant attempt to buy time for something “acceptable” to be cobbled together on the Rangers administration / takeover front.  Just what that might be is anybody’s guess at this point in time – but hefty clues lie in the devious smokescreen of Newco misinformation thrown up by Doncaster; in recent pronouncements by the Administrators about “side routes”; in the Cheeky Chappie’s sudden bout of renewed optimism; and in today’s virtual news blackout, a towering wall of temporary silence behind which a football frankenstein monster is assuredly being assembled.  Whether it comes to hideous life will shortly be revealed.

Be under no illusion – this whole nasty affair is rapidly coming to a head; and dirty, underhand deeds are lurking in the undergrowth.  Unless a way can be found to block it by those with the genuine interests of Scottish football and its integrity at heart, as opposed to the financial self-interest of those closest to the levers of power and the rump of the discredited establishment club (can anyone still doubt it?), something unspeakable may be about to emerge, get smuggled through, proclaimed a master stroke and hailed as the only common sense solution to this whole, sorry mess.

You know … “for the good of Scottish football”.

Short of some sort of careless slip-up on the part of the “confectioners”, there is probably precious little the good guys can do to block what is beginning to look like the imminent dereliction of duty by the powers that be in Scottish top-league football, who, when all is said and done, are a law unto themselves, able to make and amend rules on the hoof.  We can only hope that in the process, the illusion of continuity may have been shattered once and for all, the boil of inequality lanced and the record of decades of malpractice suitably re-written.

These people are shameless, though – so don’t bet on it!

As ever in such matters, I hope I’m hopelessly wrong.


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