Reality and Self-delusion …


Sadly, each passing tactical-delay day and every smugly self-satisfied pronouncement on behalf of the collective establishment (and yes, that DOES include its mollycoddled favourite club and a compliant MSM) reinforces my long-held suspicion that the conspiracy to contrive and enforce the survival of and soft landing for a continuing true blue element in Scottish football is alive and well and living, barely a stone’s throw from Cathkin Park.

Well, be that as it may … and it very well MAY, sooner rather than later … one inalienable certainty remains:

Short of a highly unlikely CVA for the stricken establishment club (can anyone still doubt it, I repeat?), the fate of “Oldco” is liquidation and all that entails.  And what it entails is the final curtain for its much-vaunted 140-year history, however hard they may try to pretend that it can somehow be magically transferred to whatever “Newco” may rise from the ashes.

Fixed assets are tangible and transferable … tradition is notional and fickle, capable of being hawked from pillar to post by the gullible … history, though, is unique, intrinsic, almost spiritual; and cannot be bought and sold on the open market – no matter how hard the spin doctors try to square that particular circle.

That is the reality – a reality that will slowly dawn on anyone who chooses to buy into any initial self-delusion of continuity that may be claimed for whatever bastard child may emerge out of the present Machiavellian distortions of integrity and truth down King’s Park and Govan Asda way.

Keep the Faith!


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