Will the turkeys vote for Christmas?


According to some reports this morning, the SPL Board, or at least part of it, is running scared in the face of the perceived probability of a backlash over the vote on Rangers’ SPL future … or otherwise.  Allegedly, the dissenters are about to deliver a curve ball to their peers, charging all SPL member clubs with the decision.

If so, it will be particularly interesting to discover how the clubs that are flirting with the relegation spot cast their vote … especially Dunfermline Athletic, current clear “favourites” for the drop.

It is fairly common knowledge where the Fifers’ outspoken Chairman is likely to stand on the issue; but how do the fans view it – and what will be their reaction if their club is offered up as a sacrificial lamb on the altar of collective self-interest?

While some of us see this as a fairly straightforward issue of justice and integrity, clearly we are just naive fantasists – it’s really all about “the good of Scottish football”, which is NOT to be confused with blatant favouritism, or unprecedented leniency towards one particular club – perish the thought!

Any club that votes in favour of rolling out the red (-white-and-blue) carpet for a re-constructed Rangers’ seamless participation in the SPL will be, in my opinion, guilty of gross dereliction of duty; but if Dunfermline do, in their current perilous position, they won’t be the Pars any more … they’ll be the Paxo!

Keep the Faith!


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