Our Lisbon Lions (An Anniversary Tribute)


Our Lisbon Lions – resplendent … preened,
emerged, emboldened for the fray;
decked out in most distinctive garb:
alternate hoops of white and green.
The mission clear – confront the foe;
put anti-football to the sword;
by total, joyous running free,
lay sterile Catenaccio low.
Our Lisbon Lions, so bold, so brash,
absorbed a cruel early blow;
unleashed a football tsunami –
Herrera’s primadonnas smashed.
Most with us still, less Jock and three:
wee ‘Jinky’, Murdoch … ‘Faither’, too.
Our Lisbon Lions we hail today:
immortalised eternally.

Copyright © 25thMay1967, 25 May 2012

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