“I mean this, most sincerely, folks … “


Reading this morning’s MSM spin on the latest proposed FOD takeover bid, I found myself wondering whether it was Charles Green, or the legendary 1950’s/60’s radio and television compère, Hughie Green (to whom, incidentally … IMHO …  Charlie boy bears a more than passing resemblance) that is fronting the would-be-saviour consortium.

Those of a certain vintage will recall smarmy Hughie’s two blockbuster series, “Opportunity Knocks” and “Double Your Money” … ring any bells, Bhoys?

The words of the signature tune for the latter of the two above sounds like a synopsis of the plan said to be outlined in the imminent prospectus:

“Double Your Money and try to get rich … Double Your Money without any hitch … Double Your Money, it’s your lucky day … Double Your Money and take it away!”

So, what do you think … is Mr G the genuine prospective saviour of one of the indispensable pillars of Scottish football and society (allegedly) – or just another money-grabbing, asset-stripping, predatory, speculative shyster?

Well, reverting to the vintage game show analogy …

“Take Your Pick!”



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