Thought for the day …


First, a word about Justice:

… setting aside the, IMHO, incorrect nature (I seek to infer no more than that) of yesterday’s Court of Session judgement in favour of D & P (which at first glance appears to outrageously favour Rangers but which could potentially blow up in their faces); and looking beyond any arguable mischievous intent of the whole action, am I alone in thinking this FIFA rule banning member clubs from taking legal action against their national association is a restriction of natural justice?

No, seriously, Bhoys … think about it for a moment … why on earth should the governing bodies of any sport be able to place themselves above society and its laws, to which the rest of us are obliged to adhere, for better or worse?

The question of whether the courts of law are equipped, or inclined, consistently to deliver the natural justice that is their “raison d’etre” is a separate issue entirely.  But unilaterally to empower special interest groups above and beyond the laws of this, or any other land, is the top of a very slippery slope, indeed.  Likewise, conversely, institutionally to deny them access to civil justice.

Can anybody think of any reason why, say (purely for the sake of  argument, you understand), FIFA and its officialdom might want to do that?

And a wee afterthought:

… has anybody heard anything about Messrs Duff & Phelps accepting the sort of pence-in-the-pound settlement they seek for Rangers (IA) as part of yesterday’s much-trumpeted CVA proposal?

No, thought not.


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