The Joy of Error …


So, my dark fears that my old friend’s gloomy forecast of a soft landing for TFOD might be proved right, have turned out to be groundless … GOOD!  I said all along that I hoped he … and I … would be proved wrong and today (… glory be to the “Internet Bampots” …) we have.  Alleluia!

Now for Round 2.

Surely the Newco that will rise from the ashes of the cremated … sorry, liquidated … Rangers will not simply be shoo-ed into the SPL, to take up where its discredited predecessor left off.  Where would be the justice in that?

The days and weeks to come will be turbulent, as the sharks circle and the vultures descend to pick over the fresh carcase.  Hopefully, under the watchful eye of BDO and courtesy of the exercise of sufficient integrity, a modicum of morality will emerge from the inevitable blizzard of vested self-interest that will surround the liquidation process.

If so and it is accompanied by a liberal sprinkling of just deserts in the form of the re-attribution of formerly ill-gotten gains (assuming, of course, that the allegations of wrongful player registration are upheld), then justice will truly have been done and more importantly, seen to have been done.

Historic times, indeed.

The war is over … let battle commence!


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