The Art of the “Presumptive Sale” …


The “Presumptive Sale” is a classic business technique, designed to maximise the prospect of a successful sales pitch.  Indeed, in the hands of a skilled professional, it virtually guarantees the happy outcome of a presentation.

Disarmingly simple in concept, it is grounded on the confidence of the presenter and the receptiveness of the prospect to the message.  The idea is to make it easy for the “target” to say the magic word, “Yes”.  It is, of course, a whole lot easier if they are pre-disposed to, anyway.

Would-be Rangers saviour, Charles Green, is nothing if not a shrewd salesman.  He has a cringeingly receptive audience for his message of the inevitable success of his plans and the alleged inconceivability of any other outcome.  He needs no instruction in the art of the “Presumptive Sale”.  He has confidence … some might say arrogance, others impudence … arguably bordering on the delusional.  Like most successful businessmen, he is, to an extent, driven by the single-mindedness of obsession.

Purely as a general observation, the deluded obsessive, like a cornered cat, is dangerous.

HMRC, Ticketus, creditors at large and the moral (… a’hem …) majority – beware!  This highly and increasingly unconventional Rangers-in-administration saga is a dirty, unpredictable business (largely due to the undeniably idiosyncratic manner in which it has been conducted – you may well think you have a good idea why) … a moral maze; and you never know what might be lurking just around the corner.

Having been a very reluctant “Devil’s Advocate” throughout, I await the potentially seismic developments of this pivotal week, cautiously optimistic rather than confident that my paranoid, irrational fears will be proven groundless – but fearful, still, of the black arts of financial, factional and political self-interest.

May the force be with the men in the white hats – not the white coats!


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