No Smoke(screen) without Fire(fighting) …


HOW many more spurious smokescreens is a certain well-known Scottish MSM sports editor planning to throw up in his increasingly frantic attempts to belittle, if not undermine, the imminent inquiry into EBT-related and so-called “dual contract” allegations – in the process giving a very good impression of seeking to justify the unjustifiable … defend the totally indefensible?

You may very well ask.

Today’s latest outburst, seeking to equate the decades-long-established and perfectly open and acceptable issue of contractual image rights with the alleged deliberate withholding of employment-related remuneration in the registration of football players (thereby potentially rendering such registrations invalid) is as laughable as it is disingenuous.

Though the “theory” will certainly curry favour in certain predictable quarters, it is fervently to be hoped that the tedious diatribe will be widely treated with the contempt it undoubtedly deserves.

What next?


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