Remembrance Day …


THE 19TH OF OCTOBER is a doubly poignant date in the Celtic calendar. It is, of course, 7-1 Day , cause enough in itself for pause to savour the recollection of a gala occasion.

On a more sombre note, though, today is also the 31st anniversary of the tragic accidental death of a true Celtic man, the explosive Johnny Doyle, who, as much as any former Celt, embodied everything that is admirable about the spirit of our great club.  Johnny, just like his great friend and contemporary, Tommy Burns, lived the supporter’s dream of pulling on the Hoops, graduating from the ‘Jungle’ to the jersey.  He never lost that sense of identification with the fans, which is why he was so universally loved by the terracing Tims, despite … or maybe because of … the temperamental frailty that made him very much one of them.

This, once again, is our 25thMay1967 tribute to “Wee Doyley”:

“Wee Doyley” (A Celtic Man)

He was fearless … fiery … feisty,

never known to shirk a ruck;

wore his heart upon his sleeve

like any fan –

swapped the ‘Jungle’

for the tunnel,

as wee ‘Doyley’ rode his luck

to play for Celtic …

live the dream – a Celtic Man!

Just like ‘Jinky’, his great mentor,

he was prone to lose the plot;

had his share of early baths,

as redheads can –

but his heart beat

to the rhythm

of the code his father taught …

he lived for Celtic –

lived and died a Celtic Man!

When he got his marching orders

that day “Ten Men Won the League”,

he was gutted …

thought he’d flushed it

down the pan –

John Doyle breathed and bled the Celts

in every thought, hope, word and deed –

so, it was fitting

that he died a Celtic Man!

Copyright © 25thMay1967


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