Beware of the Joker …


FRANKLY, I have neither the competence nor the inclination to make any meaningful contribution to the current storm raging around the troubled offspring of a defunct Govan-based football club. It does occur to me, however, that something potentially seismic may be getting lost, intentionally or otherwise, in the fog of an increasingly dirty war.

While the high-profile, headline protagonists wade into their public slanging match in a most “undignified” power struggle, a shadowy figure lurks on the sidelines, menacingly cruising under the radar. You don’t just have to take my word for it …

Now, any card player knows that The Joker ( … aka “The Knave” … ) can be a game-changer – depending on exactly what game you’re playing, of course.

The Joker Ignore The Joker at your peril, guys – and don’t say you weren’t warned!


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