Get yourself an Assistant, Ronny … don’t get saddled!



RONNY DEILA has a huge job in prospect. The new Celtic manager has to hit the ground running, faced with the daunting prospect of starting to negotiate Champions’ League qualification in a matter of weeks, not to mention the rather complacent assumption that the league title is in the bag before a ball is kicked in anger.

In such circumstances, he MUST surround himself with a team he can trust implicitly. The last thing he needs is a board appointee foisted on to him and looking over his shoulder. Be it John Collins, John Kennedy, or anyone else you may care to mention … unless he is 100% the choice of Ronny Deila, it will be the wrong appointment.

Personally, I wouldn’t let John Collins touch the role with a telescopic bargepole – but I concede that that’s an observation as irrelevant as it is arbitrary. However, it’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

If Ronny is truly as strong-willed and single-minded as he is being portrayed, there should be no danger of such a fundamental mistake.

I pray to God that he is!



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