A Word on the World Cup Finals …


David and GoliathMUCH has been made in the broadcast media of what a magnificent World Cup “Brazil 2014” is turning out to be. I agree … to the extent that there have been some really great games, mainly of the David and Goliath variety, in which David has claimed most of the glory.

There has been a general levelling out of standards across the international football world in recent years that has become manifest in this current tournament … and has been very refreshing to watch. Unpredictability is the lifeblood of sport; and it would be a brave man, indeed, who would bet his shirt on who will emerge victorious in this year’s “Mundial”, where any one of a number of the erstwhile “diddy teams” has a better than average chance of achieving the hitherto unimaginable.

But what of the overall quality?

Well, ask yourself – have you ever seen a better Brazil? Or, Germany? Or, Holland … France … Argentina … Spain … Portugal … or, even, England, for that matter? We’re talking teams, here – not outstanding individuals (though that, too, to an extent).

If, like me, you find yourself answering, “Yes”, to all the above … in some cases, “Yes – several times”, then you have it in a nutshell. Great entertainment, definitely. A breath of fresh air, undoubtedly. Compelling viewing, most certainly.

But a classic World Cup? I don’t think so.

Not by a long chalk …


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