CELTIC QUICK NEWS (CQN), has announced a spectacular *Special Package* to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Celtic’s ‘landmark’ European Cup win in Lisbon on 25th May 1967.

UEFA European Cup Final Banquet, 1967
UEFA European Cup Final Banquet, 1967

The package consists of a “Double/Double”combination of a new book, “IN THE HEAT OF LISBON” and a reproduction of the iconic handwritten ‘Jock Stein’ T-Shirt first spotted on a young boy on the slopes of the Estadio Nacional that wondrous evening.

The ‘double’ commemorative book is a compilation of two separate works under one cover: Part 1 is an updated edition of, “A Season in the Sun” … the elusive, limited edition 1966/67 narrative first published in 1992 to mark the ‘Silver Jubilee’ of the emergence of The Lisbon Lions … by Celtic-writing cousins, John Traynor and Tony Griffin; and Part 2 is Mike Maher’s, “The Fans Came In Their Thousands”, his heartfelt tribute to the Celtic fans who made the unprecedented pilgrimage to Lisbon for their cherished Club’s finest hour to date. In addition to his writing, Mike was instrumental in securing an unlikely and challenging live broadcast of the 2003 UEFA Cup Final in Seville to his adopted homeland, New Zealand.

In combination with the striking reproduction shirt, the whole thing forms a fantastic souvenir package that EVERY Celtic fan will want to have in their collection.

The book and the shirt are priced at £14.99 each; but you can SAVE OVER £10 on the deal by buying the book AND the shirt together by midnight on 14th April, for the combined and highly appropriate price of £19.67. The following links will let you access full details of the package and the offer itself:



To make this project even more special, it is a NOT-FOR-PROFIT venture. The proceeds will be used by CQN to provide every player involved in the historic “European Club Champions’ Cup” run of 1966/67, or the families of those sadly no longer with us, with a special memento of that unrepeatable feat and season.

Let’s all get behind this fabulous deal, Bhoys …





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