AS the dust settles on a phenomenal season, we take lyrical stock of what Brendan Rodgers achieved in his inaugural campaign in Scottish football.

The first Scottish club in well over a century to navigate an entire domestic season undefeated (and the only one to have done so twice), Rodgers’ Celtic completed a “Treble” that was only the fourth in our history, in succession to Jock Stein (twice) and Martin O’Neill … exalted company, indeed!

Into the bargain (in the wake of a now laughable reverse in Gibraltar, in what was Brendan’s first game in charge) Celtic punched above its weight on the financially uneven playing field of the, so-called, “Champions League”, qualifying for the group stages and putting in some memorable performances along the way.

This is the ’25thMay1967′ verse tribute to the record-breaking Celtic of 2016/17:



Veni, Vidi, Vici Banner





They came …

they came from near and far,

on a roll of Fortune’s dice

to stake their claim to homage

in the halls of Paradise.

Some came in transit, some on loan:

the career revolving door –

hadn’t bargained for enshrinement

in the scrolls of Celtic lore.


They saw …

they saw that it was good,

that close-knit coterie –

a brotherhood of values shared,

one cause … one dream … no me.

Embodiment of Walfrid’s goal:

communal dignity –

a rainbow club in creed and hue,

all-inclusive, bias-free.


They conquered …

conquered Alba’s throng

in style – bold, resolute,

untouchable, prolific, mean –

of kudos in pursuit.

Unbeaten, under fire unbowed –

by none compelled to yield,

as Brendan’s proud “Invincibles”

on legend set their seal.


Copyright © 25thMay1967



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